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Jan 11, 2010 7:00pm EST
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Dec 31, 2009 7:00pm EST
around the world. they're going to be touring asia, europe, south america, africa, and try to come up with some better international cooperation with some of these airports to make sure that on these u.s.-bound flights they've got the same kind of screening procedures, same kind of tight security that's supposed to go on that clearly was not happening from amsterdam to detroit, kyra. >> i realize what we were talking about had a serious aspect to it but i have to make the turn here to your background and what i'm seeing behind you. it's like you're starring in beach blanket babylon. you have new friends i see picking up surfing there in honolulu. >> clearly. well, it's going to be a quiet new year's eve for the president and first lady. we're told they'll celebrate with friends on kialua, the other side of owe yahoo. he took his daughters to aftera "star." the white house press corps will be here, fireworks over waikiki beach. i know you think this is a boondoggle but i've been working hard. i'm going out in the water, i don't care. >> he really is doing it. wait, can we stay on that
Jan 1, 2010 7:00pm EST
their anger on america, chanting "down with usa." and that symbolizes mr. obama's deadline dilemma, sanctions can be a delicate balancing act, potentially hurting not just iran's leadership but the iranian people, injecting the american president directly into that country's volatile domestic politics. >> we've seen in just the past few days just how volatile it is right now, as well, jill, thanks. >>> president obama enjoying the final days meantime of his family vacation in hawaii, but next week it is back to work in chilly washington. and frankly, he may find it chilly in more ways than one. as the president prepares to enter his second year in office, ed henry takes a look at year one, and whether the president tried to do too much, too soon. >> reporter: as the president rests up for his second year in office, one of his closest allies here in hawaii is expressing concern about the pace of year one. >> i think he's done exceedingly well, although as one who has been there for 50 years now, he is pushing himself too hard. >> reporter: the charge he has too much on his plate usually comes
Jan 5, 2010 7:00pm EST
show, but a national tour sponsored by the u.s. government to get america ready for the 2010 census. >> it will have enormous impact on communities and people all across america. >> reporter: commerce secretary gary locke heads up the agency that's supposed to count every single person in the country. >> it's the responsibility of every person living in america, whether they're a voter or not, whether they're registered as a voter or not, or even whether or not they're a natural u.s. citizen. >> reporter: the government is spending more than $340 million, including a massive ad campaign in 28 languages to get people to fill out this census form. at stake? power and money. congressional seats are doled out depending on a state's population, and so is $400 billion in federal spending. >> if you want your fair share, be counted, because this is money for schools, human services, for medical services as well as for transportation. >> reporter: things got so contentious during the 2000 count that utah sued the census bureau. >> in the end, we were 849 short of that census seat. >> since
Jan 14, 2010 7:00pm EST
, your hour of greatest need, america stands with you. the world stands with you. >> rescue teams from all over the world search furiously for victims trapped in the rubble. and the u.s. pledges $100 million in aid and dispatches 5700 troops. the aircraft carrier, carl vincent, expected to arrive tomorrow. >> good evening, everyone. tonight 50 hours after tuesday's massive earthquake in haiti, the international response is gaining momentum. there is still no power or water in much of port-au-prince and no heavy earth-moving machinery is there yet. but rescue teams from all over the world have arrived to help dig out survivors. the number of dead is still not known but could be higher than 100,000. with as many as 3 million people injured, hungry and homeless. but i have to tell you that even within this horrific devastation, we are seeing miracles, and they will undoubtedly pull at your heartstrings. our chief medical correspondent, dr. sanjay gupta, brings us one of them. >> walking through the streets of port-au-prince right now to get a real idea of what things are like here. it is
Jan 6, 2010 7:00pm EST
is clark irvin, author of "open target, where america is vulnerable to attack." and a professor of middle east studies. listening to chris lawrence and talking about changes in security when it comes to screening from threeing on aircraft, i'm curious, you sat down with extremists all across the arab world. no matter the regulations out there, they are going to find the gaps. >> we say, we should look for the foot soldiers of terrorism. they are poor kids from the camps. refugee children and you here about a nigerian child of privilege, a bankers son. and you understand that the war on terror and the terrorism m menaces to the country, it's enduring. and the president, his name is hussein. we thought the war is over. and once george w. bush is in crawford, t texas, we can rest easy. >> no matter what we do and try to repair relations with the middle east, there will always will terrorists who hate us. this is something we have to deal with. >> this is hard core. there is an egyptian of trying to measure distance in kilograms. we can't measure it and there is an enticement and energy to am
Jan 8, 2010 7:00pm EST
in america's subtropical areas especially animal, warm-blooded and cold-blooded alike are coping, some with help from human friends. john zarrella looks at the animal kingdom fighting back or maybe more like chilling out. >> reporter: just throw me a blanket, will you? even with all that hair, bannie the orangutan wasted no time wrapping up against the cold at miami's metro zoo. her buddy, mango, sipped on a cup of hot chocolate, vet approved. the tortoises are not too swift with their feet or their brains. >> we have to take actually plywood and lock them in there because they're not bright enough to know to stay in. they'll go out and freeze and that's it. >> reporter: in florida the animals are no more used to this kind of cold than people. zoos are doing what they can to provide creature comforts. space heaters for the parrots and the kimodo dragons, boxes for the primates. this little guy shut his own door. don't ever say dumb animals. for beekeepers in tallahassee where the temperature's been in the teens, the only hope, save the queen. >> as long as the queen and some of the bee
Jan 12, 2010 7:00pm EST
the area. think about how they build block buildings in america. they put blocks together, then they put concrete rods and metal rods and rebar, and then they put it all together and they strengthen it. this unstrengthened or unreinforced krconcrete is a problem when the wave begins to shake the building. the roof eventually comes down on the entire building and the whole building pancakes, so one part into the other. let's take you through what happened here. we'll kind of back you up. here's the u.s., haiti way down here connected to the dominican republic. the problem with this quake is, yes, it was a 7, but it was also only about five miles deep. figure an earthquake that's 200 miles deep. there is a lot of padding in between. it attenuates. the shaking doesn't make its way all the way to the surface with the same vigor. at six miles, the shaking was vigorous. it was vigorous all the way through this major metropolitan area where buildings are literally built on top of buildings or along hillsides. look at the topography of the place here. we had a slip strike earthquake a lot like w
Jan 15, 2010 7:00pm EST
on try to drum up aid and support all around the world, especially here in america, and we're going to see the same tomorrow when these two former presidents, this time the younger president bush will be here with president clinton. theriy are officially launching site. that will be in addition to the texting we've seen. that's already raised $8 million since this morning when people texted haiti 90099. the military assets also present. president obama today pledging at least $100 million as a down payment for direct aid from the u.s. to haiti. the president made this announcement after talking to his counterpart from haiti and saying this is really just the beginning of a massive u.s. effort. >> there are going to be many difficult days ahead. so many people are in need of assistance. the port continues to be closed and the roads are damaged. food is scarce and so is water. it will take time to establish distribution points so we can ensure that resources are delivered safely and effectively and in an orderly fashion. but i want the people of haiti to know that we will do what it t
Jan 4, 2010 7:00pm EST
years now. it's why quicken loans is one of america's largest mortgage lenders. - and that's why i love... - i love being a home loan expert. ♪ >>> as we've been reporting tonight, the u.s. embassy in yes, ma' yemen is closed. that middle eastern nation is at the top of the headlines but yemen has been a prime concern of u.s. defense and intelligence officials for much longer. pentagon correspondent chris lawrence joins us now with more. tell us what's the latest on the u.s. embassy in yemen and al qaeda's militants there. >> possible retaliation. officials tell us the u.s. and yemen are looking at fresh targets for a possible strike against al qaeda. let's show you where. here's the capital. here's the u.s. embassy which remains closed as jessica mentioned. you can take a look here as we wind out just a little bit. there we go. you can see what we're told is that back on december 17th, the u.s. coordinated and possibly and most likely took place a missile strike here and here on december 17th. we're told they were going after some of the al qaeda militants plotting to blow up the u.s
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10